Point-in-Time Count

Chair- Pastor Sahnnon Kimble-Auth

Contact- kimblesa@ah.org


Every year the COC's across the United States gather volunteers for the annual Point-In-Time (PIT) Count. This count is specifically for our community members experiencing homelessness.

Lake County puts together an annual committee that is dedicated to organizing our county wide count of our homeless neighbors. We organize volunteers, location, meals, donations and goodie bags to give to those willing to participate in our annual count.


Each year our volunteers get the opportunity to give a meal and necessary items, such has hygiene kits, had warmers, socks, to our most vulnerable populations around the county.

Come join us! Sign up for email updates and get information about how to help with this annual event, as well as other ways you can help those experiencing homelessness in Lake County.  

2021 PIT Count Report

pit 1.PNG

2020 PIT Count Report