Contract Review
Performance Review - meetings
CHAIR- Catlin Murray

The Performance Review Committee shall be comprised of 5-7 LCCoC members in good standing, of whom 2 or 3 should be recipients or sub-recipient of LCCoC funding.

Performance Review Committee shall:

  1. Be responsible for recommending to the General Board performance targets for population and program type.

  2. Assist the General Board in monitoring recipient and sub-recipient performance and evaluating outcomes; allowing the General Board to take action against poor performers and to report outcomes to HUD.

  3. Evaluate the outcome of any project(s) funded under the Emergency Solutions Grant program, allowing the General Board to report those outcomes to HUD.

  4. Be responsible for providing technical support to the Collaborative Applicant to assist in the completion of the application for grant funds in response to a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA).

  5. Provide guidance in preparing the application and updates to assist in the application and grant process as outlined at 24 CF$ 578.9 and 578.15 et seq.