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Strategic Planning - meetings
Chair ~ Ana Santana ~ email ~
Term Date 5/2023 - 1/2023
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1.) The Strategic Planning committee shall assist the Executive Committee and General Membership in the annual update of the Governing By-Laws, the development of the LCCoC structural framework written standards and assist in the making any recommendations for revisions to such standards.

2.) The committee shall assist in the development of the LCCoC Strategic Plan and make recommendations to the Membership regarding implementation and revisions to such plan. The committee shall assess the community needs in writing the LCCoC plan.

3.) The Committee shall provide an annual report to the Membership on the LCCoC program framework objectives and on the goals and strategies for ending homelessness in Lake County.

4.) The Equity Advisory Working Group shall fall under the Strategic Planning Committee:

a.) Review all policies and procedures of the LCCoC to ensure proper language and considerations are included. This body will review each Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) that is released, to make sure there is no bias, actual, or perceived.

b.) The committee will review HMIS data annually for equity in service.

c.) The Equity Advisory Committee will advise the Administrative Agency on how best to provide cultural proficient trainings to the General Membership.

d.) Outreach to their specific population group for opportunities and engagement for the LCCoC

e.) Have a liaison at each of the CoC Committees

Equity Advisory Working Group 

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