Grant Committee - meetings
CHAIR- Sheryl Almon
email- sbalmon@netzero.net

The LCCoC Grant Committee will comprise of 5 to 7 community members whom will identify the Grant Committee Selection Group. The Selection Group will perform those duties detailed in the Grant Selection Model to ensure project Rating and Ranking using data-driven processes and objective measures. The Grant Committee Chair together with Collaborative Applicant (or delegate) will make recommendations for the Notice of Funding Available (NOFA/RFP), set the grant process timetable, review the Scoring Criteria, host the Question-and-Answer Session, score the project application, review the Interview Questions,  interview the grant applicants, and recommend the highest scoring project(s) to the Executive Committee for funding.​

Grant Selection Committee shall:

  1. The LCCoC Grant Committee will uphold the following principles to  ensure each applicant receives a thorough and fair review:

  2. The Grant Committee member will be a Continuum of Care Member and shall have experience with people experiencing homelessness.

  3. The Grant Committee  member will work congenially and collegially in the group setting.

  4. The Grant Committee Selection Group will not have any conflicts of interest

  5. The Grant Committee will be free of bias in the project application review process.

  6. The Grant Committee will maintain confidentiality for both applicants and Grant Committee members.

  7. Each Grant Committee Selection Group member will evaluate and score each application according to the Grant Requirements and the LCCoC Scoring Criteria.

  8. The Grant Committee Selection Group will consider what is written in the application when scoring the written portion, independent of the interviews. The interview questions will be scored separately;  the scores will be combined at the bottom of the written scoring sheet. Do not make assumptions or use personal knowledge other than written information (such as LCCoC minutes) when scoring. If aspects of either the written or interview portion are unclear, then this is an appropriate opportunity for you to use your allotted question for that applicant during the interview.

  9. Responses to the NOFA and the RFP will be what you should look to for guidance and clarification when scoring each application.

Grant Committee Principles and Scoring Criteria 

New Grant Applicant Guidelines 


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